If You Don’t Want Your Kids To Be Ill – Mannered You Have To Stop These 5 Mistakes!

Your children might face serious consequences if you as a parent do not act to them properly if there are these kinds of behaviors.

Today there are some mistakes that parents make such as:

1. Parents today do not let others to scold them. This in other words means that when the children are behaving improperly the parents will get mad if someone is yelling at them for behaving like that. If we go back a few years ago the teachers could do that without the parents being angry about it.

 If you are that kind of a parent that is getting mad when the teacher yelled at your children for misbehaving and without first asking why the teacher acted like that. If you do this, you are indirectly telling your children that there is no one that can stop them so they can misbehave as much as they want to.

2. In order for parents today to avoid their children from getting bored often resort to a series of shortcuts and this can be the reason for their misbehaving. Your children need to learn how to be patient, so if you are that kind of a parent that is packing your children with electronic devices whenever they are waiting for a bus or waiting for doctor’s appointment is a big mistake. 

They need to find something fun on their own and they need to learn that the food will not be ready whenever they want that to happen. Also if your child falls down you should not be panicking immediately because they need to learn to get up on their own and that will make them to become stronger persons when they grow up that can take care of themselves.

3. Today parents are often afraid of their children. What is meant by this? Well instead of ignoring the ‘stupid’ requests from the children like drinking a milk from another cup and not their usual one they right away start looking for that different cup instead of ignoring that request because parents are afraid that their child won’t eat/drink or that their child will be sad and start crying.

 This is a huge mistake because with this the parents are sending a message that with crying they can achieve anything. First of all the children are not the ones that should be in command for both of you and let them cry if they want something like that. Go in different room if you cannot stand that.

4. Children come in the first place, yes it is true. Each parent loves his/hers children the most but today most of the parents are making a big mistake. What is that? Well they are subjecting their own obligations and metal health to children in order to satisfy all the needs and requests from the children. 

The children need to learn that they cannot always have what they want in the time they want it. This is also a big mistake because with this you are showing your children that they are the ones that are in control and not you.

5. Making excuses like ‘’that is how children are’’ is another huge mistake.  With this you are only giving them the motivation to continue misbehaving and to be irresponsible, especially if you are doing this in public.

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