North Korea and the US have made their scorn for each other clear finished the years, however no doubt the pressure is at a record-breaking high for two nations at the current year's Winter Olympics..

For those acquainted with the loaded governmental issues between the two nations, this news will not shock anyone. In any case, what may stun you is seeing a North Korean team promoter being compelled to quit applauding the US free skating twosome.

The strange minute was gotten on camera, which is fortunate for had it not been for all time caught it'd be difficult to trust it really happened. All things considered, you don't expect secondary schoolnegligibility at the Winter Olympics – well, in any event not since Tonya Harding's assault on Nancy Kerrigan in 1994.

The occurrence is made much more shocking by the way that only minutes previously, the team promoters had blissfully praised the North Korean match as they took to the ice. While this isn't irregular given that they're supporting their own competitors, what is unconventional is their stony quiet when Team US roll onto the arena.

In spite of taking up a substantial segment of the group of onlookers, the North Korean team promoters don't even to such an extent as raise a grin when Team

US finishes their program – aside from one of the young ladies who immediately overlooks where she is.

As the just a single applauding, she stands out like a sore thumb in the North Korean segment of the group. Her inability to take after requests doesn't go

unnoticed by the team promoter sitting specifically to one side, who rapidly bumps her in a reasonable condition of frenzy.

The odd minute has since turned into a web sensation online as individuals question North Korea's intentions in sharing in the amusements..


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