Seven facts about acne you should know
Acne: everyone seems to have an opinion on how best to treat it, but few actually know what causes it.

Many people seeking along-term solution to this rather unsightly skin issue struggle to find much in the way of reliable information.

Acne sufferers are often left wondering what to believe when they're bombarded with contradictory claims from dermatologists and websites alike. That's why we've compiled a list busting seven myths about acne. Hopefully, this should help you gain a better understanding of the condition and its prevention.

1. It doesn't just affect teenagers

 It's a known fact that hormones play an important role in the appearance of zits. However, this doesn't mean that you won't be affected by acne once you've reached adulthood!Indeed, one in three adults have acne.

 In some cases, those affected as adults didn't have zits when they were growing up. Acne is so common in adults that you can't hide behind your age. Hormones can play tricks on you at any stage in life! 

2. Don't pop your zits

 Many people believe that popping zits will remove all the nastiness trapped inside the skin and make the pimples disappear. Let's also not forget the wonderful satisfaction you experience after squeezing them! However, you'll have to learn to control yourself,

as squeezing the zit actually pushes the bacteria deeper into your skin. This makes it more difficult to get rid of the problem. Once the zit is popped, your skin is also damaged and could become scarred.

3. It's in your DNA

 Though there are a number of factors that cause acne, one may seem particularly surprising: your DNA is to blame. As hard as it is to believe, 75% of acne cases are due to genetics, so you can go and thank your parents! There's no need to worry though— it's possible to treat your acne using various effective measures.  

4. It's not just anaesthetic problem 

 When we hear the word 'acne,' we immediately think of unpleasant zits covering the face and body. Though that may be true, there's actually more to it. As well as changing your physical appearance, acne can have an effect on your mental health. 

Whether it's zits or scars, many people don't feel comfortable being out in public,because they're afraid that they'll attract unwanted attention. Sufferers keep them selves to themselves, becoming frustrated, lonely, and sad. In some cases,acne can even bring on depression, a mental illness that can have tragic consequences. 

5. You can wear make-up

 We often hear that it's best not to wear make-up for the sake of your skin. It's also said that you should completely avoid it if you have acne. But when someone isn't feeling great about themselves, it's hard to give up the concealer.

 In reality, it's not so much of a problem either. Though some make-up can make zits worse, you just need to be careful when choosing what to use. For skin susceptible to acne, it's recommended to use make-up that doesn't contain oil or silicon. Suitable make-up can hide imperfections without making them worse. 

6. It has little to do with what you eat

 Some populations aren't affected by acne, but it doesn't mean that their diet is there a son; other genetic and environmental factors come into play instead. 

Though it's true that sticking to certain diets may reduce the appearance of acne,this doesn't really solve the problem — the zits will come back sooner rather than later. Putting acne aside for one moment, it's important to remember that a nutritious diet is a good basis for a healthy life style! 

7. Dermatologists don't have all theanswers 

Even though doctors may be able to help you, they don't always have the answers. There are many skin conditions, and all doctors are acne specialists.

 Before going to the doctor's, first read up on the causes of acne and talk to your family about it. It'll then be easier to talk about different treatments with the dermatologist, and hopefully you'll be able to find a solution together.

 While acne is a common condition, it can bed ifficult to find information you can trust. Once you know how to effectively deal with the problem, you can hopefully say goodbye to acne forever! 


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