Stir Dried Lavender Into Ordinary Honey For A Delicious Flavor-Infused Sweetener

And to sweeten up my familiar mugful of green tea, I always reach for the honey jar.

What I didn’t realize, though, is that there are exciting alternatives to my favorite natural sweetener. By simply placing honey in a double boiler and mixing in a range of dried ingredients, you can infuse all sorts of interesting flavors.

Do you prefer rosemary, lavender, orange, or vanilla flavoring? The good news with this recipe is that there doesn’t have to be just one answer— you can try them all! And while cooking, your kitchen will smell like a blend of delicious spices. Mmm!

Follow this simple five-step recipe below to learn how to make tasty jarfuls of flavor-infused honey. Experiment using different ingredients and added amounts to find your favorite fusion of flavors.

The creativity doesn’t have to end with a successful recipe, either.

Sweeten up your finished product by decorating a mason jar. Use patterned paper, yarn, and a permanent marker to craft an adorable tag that labels the flavor!


• Light-colored honey

• Dried ingredient of your choice: rosemary, lavender, orange slices, or vanilla scrapings


1. Make a double boiler by filling a pot with an inch of water and placing a bowl on top. Place the stove on low to medium heat.

2. Pour honey into the pot and stir until it is thin. We recommend using light-colored honey so the intensity of flavor does not override your infusion.

3. Add in either dried rosemary, dried lavender, an orange slice, or dried vanilla scrapings. Stir in the ingredient until its flavor fully diffuses. Experiment with the flavor by mixing in different amounts of these dried ingredients.

4. Allow the mixture to briefly cool before straining and pouring it into a glass jar. Get creative and make your own label using patterned paper and yarn.

5. Enjoy your very own jar of flavor-infused honey by drizzling it over fruit, crackers, and cheese.

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